This Website is dedicated to the SPV (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle), from the TVshow Captain Scarlet, built by Dinky Toys of 1968 to 1976.

SPV with black bumper is the ultimate version. They are six differents version, with two different boxes.

First SPV have white bumper, decalcs and blue bottom. Last have black bumper, stickers not decals and blue or gloss black bottom.

All factory-built versions are describe on this website.

Dinky Toys produced 3 Captain Scarlet vehicles.
These were : Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV), Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV) and Spectrum Patrol Car (SPC).

A particularly irritating thing about Dinky was that they'd often use incorrect, and often horrible, paint schemes on t.v. toys.

They painted Thunderbird 2 blue instead of green, and the UFO Interceptor green instead of white... Space 1999 Eagles in green or blue !!! .... More on those models later.

Fortunately, the Captain Scarlet Dinkies were painted in appropriate colour schemes. The guy that did the peculiar paint jobs must have had the week off when they put the model into production.

MSV is white for Dinky and silver grey from original TV show. SPC is red metalic or orange metalic and red from original TV shov !!!!! The SPV is correct....

MIB = Mint In Box..... ie: Toy is in Perfect Condition, and is in it's
Original Box (not reproduction box), though box has some damage to it.

MINMB = Mint In Near Mint Box..... ie: Toy is in perfect condition, and is
in it's Original Box (not reproduction box), and the box only has
superficial (very Minor), damage to it.

MIMB = Mint In Mint Box..... ie: Both the Toy & Box are Original and both
are in Perfect Condition, just like new.

Also you may see but not for SPV: MOC (Mint On Card), MONMC (Mint On Near Mint Card), & MOMC (Mint On Mint Card), these are the same as above, but mean "On Card",
instead of "In Box" (ie: Corgi Junior).



SPV first version
SPV second version
SPV third version
SPV fourth version
SPV fifth version
SPV sixth version
SPV seventh version

Body External look

Body Internal look
Roof plunger
Roof button
Seat with or without pivot hinge
Front hatch
Left side door
Body minor variation
Screws and rivets
Front nose bumper
Rocket with rubber tip
Double "U" inside
Prices in 1968 and now
Dinky Toys' SPV in catalogue and magazine



MSV : Maximum Security Vehicule
MSV : true color
Dinky Toys' MSV in catalogue and magazine



SPC : Spectrum Patrol Car
SPC : Prototype
SPC : true color
Dinky Toys' SPC in catalogue and magazine



Spares parts











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